Glycopeel Facial

BeautyLab Glycopeel is formulated using Glycopure glycolic acid, which has excellent skin penetration properties and cellular stimulation activities, fortified with pomegranate enzyme. It has excellent non-irritant exfoliating properties. Pomegranate also has the added benefit of exhibiting two to three times more antioxidant capacity than red wine and green tea.

The BeautyLab Glycopeel facial will:

  • Improve the appearance of thin and fragile skin
  • Fight skin ageing
  • Improve elasticity and firmness and skin texture
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Promotes the cycle of skin shedding and re-growth
  • Reduce the appearance of brown marks, freckles and pigmentation, age and liver spots, scaly patches and rough skin (keratoses)

The peel is available in 3 strengths, 10%, 20% & 40%.  The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes depending on the level of peel used.   Optimum results are seen after a 6 week course of treatment.

Beautylab Hand Treatment

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Beautylab Back Treatment

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