Nail Services

mani-Q Gel

mani-Q Gel colour (100% gel), for fingers and toes – a long lasting high gloss shine with no smudging, chipping or peeling. Light to wear on natural nails and over enhancements. Stunning colours to choose from. Easy removal in 10 mins.

Young Nails Acrylic

This system is self-levelling with minimal filing, low odour, and non-yellowing, while providing strength, perfect colour clarity and flexibility every time. Each set is customised to your requirements using fully sculpted enhancements.

Nail art

We offer a range of different nail art that is customised to each individual preference.  Creating a bespoke look for you.

Young Nails Lomassi Manicure & Pedicure

Contains a powerful blend of anti-oxidants, extracts and oils to create a silky slip that the skin is thankful to receive. A natural body and hand care line from the creators of Young Nails in a selection of fragrances and ingredients. The Lomasi line is designed to enhance the spa experience offering comfort, healing and relaxation.