There is no need any more to spend hours and weeks lying around exposing yourself to the harmful effects of the UV Rays from the sun or sunbeds.  Now we have a safe way to achieve that natural golden brown color we all crave to keep us looking healthy, bronzed and beautiful.

Nouvatan was established in 2008 and are now known as one of the most reputable spray tanning companies both here in the UK and Europe.

They only sell their products to Beauty Industry professionals. You will never find Nouvatan on high street shelves. They have a reputation for providing the highest quality products and have been shortlisted 3 years running as Britain’s best tanning supplier by the members of the “Guild of beauty Therapists of Great Britain.”

The products are cruelty free, paraben and alcohol free.

The fantastic benefit to using Novatan is that we have several different colors to suit all skin tones, allowing us to achieve the perfect shade for each individual.  Novatan is not dehydrating on the skin and has a beautiful fade off, so you are not left looking patchy.


  • Do exfoliate 24 hours before getting a spray tan to ensure an even application. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells, which will help achieve the longest-lasting tan possible. Use a water-based exfoliating scrub rather than an oil-based one. Oils may interfere with the spray tanning solution from developing properly.
  • Don’t apply any moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or other beauty products before your tanning appointment. They may also inhibit the quality of your tan.
  • Do shave or wax the evening before your spray tanning session. If you shave after you get your spray tan, it will exfoliate the skin and affect the tanning results.
  • Don’t wear any jewelry or makeup to your tanning session. Pull your hair up and off your face and neck.
  • Do wear a swimsuit, thong or underwear – whatever makes you feel comfortable and do not mind getting tan on.


  • Do wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops for when you leave the salon. Do not wear your bra for at least six hours.
  • Don’t take a shower (or get wet for any other reason) for the first 24 hours after receiving a spray tan. Water contact will stop the tanning process. (Unless otherwise advised)
  • Don’t exercise for the first 24 hours. Sweat will cause your tan to streak.
  • Don’t book any hair appointments for 48 hours after your tanning session.
  • Don’t rub yourself dry with towel after showering, pat dry.
  • Don’t use soaps and other body products that contain parabens, glycolic alpha hydroxy acids or sodium lauryl sulfates — they will fade your tan more quickly.
  • Don’t use a loofah, puff or wash cloth.
  • Do moisturise every day – morning and night. Also use a moisturising soap-free body wash to extend the life of your tan.